Bugged Version

Note: Please read the license!

When you first load it up, load the title screen scene , select a mouse sensitivty and select Story Mode. There, now you can load up the School Scene! Why would you use this over your own decompile? Let me tell you!

  • Playtime isn't broken
  • Baldi's Mouth actually moves in the YCTP
  • Playtime's Jumprope and frowning animations work
  • Yellow Door locks work
  • Commented Code

Download it and go wild! Make the Baldi mod of your dreams! Make new maps, items, or a new HUD! Go Crazy! Recommend Unity Version(For 1.3.2): 2018.3.9f1


Open Source Baldi Bugged Version(http://www.mediafire.com)


Open Source Baldi v2.zip 133 MB
Jul 03, 2022
Open Source Baldi.zip 133 MB
Jul 03, 2022

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Update 2!