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This modification on Baldi`s Basics Classic contains:Scary and loud noises,things that can cause epileptic seizures (fast flashing colors, images, and so on) and etc.

It is recommended to play with 13-14 or more

The mod also contains unchanged textures and sounds, which I will change in the process of working on the mod.

There`s no story,for now...

Just collect the shadow keys,and get out of here while you still can.



Squimpus McGrimpus-Fnaf VHS Creator,music in AntiHearing Sound

LeBaldi @LeBaldi - Principal Role

QuincyTDF Games @QuincyTDF-Games - "Despair" character

Louis. @LouisVSFrost - Filename2 Role and teaser image on a page

Mikey O Boi (Michael)- YellowCat.EXE idea

AleshaGaming @AleshaGaming - Crafters Role

Luigi Fan @LuigiFan3000 - Gotta Sweep Role

Spr6 @RealSpr6 - Bully Role

Sansic lol - Slendy (New Character) Role

JohnsterSpookProgram - Achievements code tutorial.

Paulor94 @Paulor_94 - Using apple (melon) code

If i forget to credit someone,write me in Comments.

(NOTICE:It`s my first try of making "EXE.EXE Basics" mod)


Rebuilt Sub-Area V0.4.1.zip 206 MB