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Check the open source code here!Open Source BBCCS 5: The Bummus Hummus School Versions Map

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Open Source Link:Coming Soon

Open Source Link1:Coming Soon

Open Source Link2:Coming Soon 

Open Source Link3:Coming Soon

Open Source Link4:Coming Soon 

Open Source Link5:Coming Soon 

Open Source Link6:Coming Soon 

Open Source Link7:Coming Soon 

Open Source Link8:Coming Soon 

Open Source Link9:Coming Soon 

Open Source Link10:Coming Soon

Open Source Link11:Coming Soon

Open Source Link12:Coming Soon

Open Source Link13:Coming Soon 

Open Source Link14:Coming Soon

Open Source Link15:Coming Soon 

Open Source Link16:Coming Soon 

Open Source Link17:Coming Soon 

Open Source Link18:Coming Soon 

Open Source Link19:Coming Soon 

Open Source Link20:Coming Soon 

xTPSx - Map Creator 

xTPSx - Make sure you have any other information this

xTPSx - in a the Open Source Edition released 

MissingTextureMan101 - OSB Project decompile thing

Mystman12 - Creator of Baldi's basics aswell as the Joe's ultimate bus ride music.

Paulor94 - Custom mode, Minigames image and randomly spawned items and The Test script

Toffee - Made SLB, Paranoia, Slappy McBelterz, RopeGiver, StareGuy, PTClone, Banickate and Item Maker sprites

Nathan - Artifical stuff

Sansnic - Made London and Pomas

TEM/TEXE - Made T.EXE, Jakc, Zach and Thievery, Zelos, Billy, echo, fortnite, luci, mr freeze, shaun, discorbot, silon, leiah

Diggaz - Made zack, chris, anna and mateo smith and niko inko, neo, sarena, justin, ms. joy

TBM452 - Made Kracey, Ryanela, Milky etc also ev sprites, also title screen and co-admin

Nathan Foonugs - Made Frank, Logan, Billy, Jasper, Trey, Nathan Kokonoi, etc

I probaby have forgotten some. sorry lol


BBCCS 5: The Bummus Hummus School.zip 189 MB
BBCCS 5: The Bummus Hummus School Screenshots 4 MB

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