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The Boldur Place is the 9th map in Season 5 of BBCCS. The map was launched after xTPSx got released from GameJolt. The map was uploaded on itch.io but BBCCSCreator got released from itch.io too.

This is one of the games made by xtpsx that has been deleted from both gamejolt (i think) and itch.io. to keep it alive i chose to reupload it, enjoy. =] (i'll be sure to reupload them all)

Check out the original game here!

Check out the source code here!

Check out the mod menu here!

All Source codes:

BBCCS Creator - was here 

BBCCS Creator

BBCCS Creator - Codes All Open Sources 

BBCCS Creator

xTPSx - Map Creator

Mystman12 - Creator of Baldi's basics aswell as the Joe's ultimate bus ride music.

Paulor94 - Custom mode, Minigames image and randomly spawned items and The Test script

Toffee - Made SLB, Paranoia, Slappy McBelterz, RopeGiver, StareGuy, PTClone, Banickate and Item Maker sprites

Nathan - Artifical stuff

Sansnic - Made London and Pomas

TEM/TEXE - Made T.EXE, Jakc, Zach and Thievery, Zelos, Billy, echo, fortnite, luci, mr freeze, shaun, discorbot, silon, leiah

Diggaz - Made zack, chris, anna and mateo smith and niko inko, neo, sarena, justin, ms. joy

TBM452 - Made Kracey, Ryanela, Milky etc also ev sprites, also title screen and co-admin

Nathan Foonugs - Made Frank, Logan, Billy, Jasper, Trey, Nathan Kokonoi, etc

I probaby have forgotten some. sorry lol

404: Coming Soon 

Updated 15 days ago
Published 24 days ago
GenreStrategy, Adventure, Survival
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Short, Singleplayer, Unity


BBCCS 5 The Boldur Place.zip 256 MB
TeX3vl.png 136 kB
Dz15KZ.png 160 kB
nNApJI.png 147 kB

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