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Key Authors

Ghost1693209 - Johnster Space Studio Flag - I made it lol

Original Authors

mystman12 - Made BBiEaL

Decompile by MTM101

MissingTextureMan101 - Ruler Productions Flag - Made the OSB Project

Ghost1695697 - Inspiration

Sanspirate -  Inspiration

Ghost1683299 - Inspiration

Luigi Fan - Inspiration


AngryGal - Baldi Renders

Ghost1692513 - Baldi Models and Renders

Ghost1695697 - Balderlemon Sprites, Sound 

Sanspirate - Music and a few sound effects

coatpusss - 99 Deth Screen

T5mpler - Numpad Tutorial

Paulor94 - Codes (not really but oh ok)

NOTE: This is the first time I am making a horror-like mod, so don't criticize me if this isn't scary to you.

While you were resting in your cozy little house, you heard a familiar sound. It sounded like your mailbox opening, and you went to check it out. Inside was a map to a strange place hidden in your neighborhood. Curiously, you decided to go to that mysterious place you had no idea existed, and after dodging a ton of cars and buses, you finally arrived at your destination. As you open the large mechanical doors, A figure wearing a red cap and yellow shirt greets you. Then, you thought to yourself, "Here we go again..."

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balderlemon_s_basics.zip 65 MB

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